Operational experience

Collectively, the team, partners and advisors have accumulated significant operational experience. We have founded companies, grown companies, taken companies public in the US and in Europe, and bought, sold and merged companies. We have gone through great times and tough times and we hope we have learned much along the way.

Having that experience helps us understand better what the entrepreneurs are going through in different stages of growth, and helps us to be better partners.

International scope

We all have worked in several regions of the world from Australia and London to Silicon Valley and Asia. We have learned the differences of doing business around the world and built networks of people in different regions.

That experience enables us to be of stronger value when a company is looking to expand beyond its borders.

Significant resources

Our access to external funds, together with our investment potential provides the a compelling funding platform for companies to benefit from.

As such we can support a company over the long term from its early stages, to its growth phases, to maturity. If you need several rounds of capital, we can be on your side each time to finance your development.

Long-term focus

IPO Capital’s aim is to help build long-lasting great companies. We look for the longer-term gains, and the companies with the biggest potential for sustained growth.

Lasting benefits that come from genuine innovation, nurtured by the right decisions and careful backing, not just quick profits.