Reviewing your plan

Approach us directly with an executive summary and/or Corporate Presentation. We don’t need to see a long detailed business plan at this stage: we’d prefer that you get straight to the point: What is your business, and what’s different about it? How big is the opportunity? What stage is the business at? And who are the team behind it? If we’re intrigued and think it might be a big opportunity, we’ll arrange a meeting.

We invest in people, not businesses or ticker symbols. So when we meet, we want to get to know you and your team, and understand your ambitions; and it’s your chance to see if we could be the right partners to help you build a game-changing business. We’ll also want to understand the market better, perhaps speak to some of your customers, and discuss the challenges ahead.

Investment Committee meeting

If we’re really excited about working with you, we’ll invite you to present (either in person or via video-conference) to the Investment Committee – usually on a Tuesday morning. Typically, this is a short presentation followed by a more in-depth Q&A. After the meeting, the committee will debate, and, if we decide to proceed, we’ll send you a term sheet (an outline offer to invest in your business), usually within 2 weeks.

Due diligence

Once we’ve agreed broad terms, we start deeper due diligence. This usually takes up to 4-6 weeks (but can be longer for later-stage or more complex businesses), and involves reference calls, legal and financial and/or technical audit.

Assuming no nasty surprises, we all sign the final documents and commit funding. This will also take into consideration the listing strategy and timelines required to achieving listing status. If we need to bring in co-investors then this will also be determined at Due Diligence stage and integrated with propose timelines to achieving listing status.


We aim to have a significant but minority equity stake in the companies we back. We don’t want to be majority shareholders because we aren’t interested in trying to run your business – we like founders who want to control their own destiny, and we like our interests to be aligned with them.

Ongoing involvement

Generally, one of the IPO Capital’s team will join your board; but most of the help we give comes between board meetings. Whether you’re hiring a new COO, expanding into a new market, seeking M & A advice, require further funding or handling a sudden crisis, we aim to be the partner you turn to first for support. We won’t know all the answers, but we’ll often know someone else the team, or within the portfolio, or from our networks, who’s been in a similar situation. We succeed if you succeed – so we’re constantly reflecting on your business; and when you do need our help, we’ll work our guts off to support you.