Investment size

IPO Capital’s investments range in size from as little as £100,000 to in excess of £3m. However, our typical initial investment is approximately £250,000 and can bring considerable pre-ipo capital through our syndicated partners and investors.

Investment stage

We aim to be the first institutional money in. We typically invest in the growth stages of our companies, and continue to support them throughout the various stages of their existence. We always invest with an eye on the longer term, seeking entrepreneurs with a similar perspective.

Investment Criteria

An attractive investment candidate for IPO Capital meets the following criteria:-

Industry Focus
  • Cleantech
  • Internet & Software
  • Technology
  • FMCG
  • A good asset base with short to medium term execution plans (2-3 year horizon)
  • A realistic business plan with a global outlook
  • Sound financial base and plan for future growth
  • Solid, experienced management team capable of delivering the companies’ objectives
  • Revenue generating and in profit (preferably) or showing strong forward contracts – Typically, revenue: $1-5 million+ in trailing 12-month period
  • Listing/IPO Timing: Within 12-36 months (from our investment date)
  • Return Potential: Expectation of 3x return over an anticipated 2-year maximum holding period

Finance Type
  • Secured/Unsecured Debt
  • Bonds
  • Founder/Management Loan Stocks
  • Equity
Investment Size
  • Based on current capital base and regulatory constraints

Please feel free to download the Investment Criteria Document here.

If you are a private company seeking capital and meet ALL of the investment criteria listed above, please submit an executive summary and investor presentation to Typically within 5 business days we will respond in writing to acknowledge receipt of the company information and indicate our interest or lack thereof. We prefer to read first and discuss afterwards.